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Turtle Bodysuit

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If Mother Nature ever wore a turtleneck, it would probably look a little like this.

Featuring the kind of autumnal print that dreams are made of, it’s here to prove that wrapping up warm doesn’t mean dressing down.

Made from printed cotton, the Turtle bodysuit has been designed by Samantha Pleet in New York, who ensure all their dreamy garments are made with people & planet first.

Things you should know :-)
Care Instructions
handwash hang-dry
Handwash Hang Dry

Hand wash with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, if you're in the UK we recommend using Ecover.

Hang to dry on a clothes line or drying rack. Not only saving energy but preserving the material too.

Why it's good
eco-friendly fair-trade
Eco Friendly Fair Trade

This product has been manufactured using processes that only cause minimal or no harm to the environment.

This product is from a brand that ensures fair wages have been paid to the workers and maintain high social and environmental standards.