Re-shaping the perception of sustainable fashion

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Re-shaping the perception of sustainable fashion..
Our Mission.. To bring style and substance together again. We want to change the perception of sustainable fashion. Antibad is about having fun with fashion without damaging anything else.

We are a curated shop and journal for earth- and human-friendly fashion across vintage and new labels. After working in luxury fashion, Agatha Lintott began Antibad in 2017. Bringing her eye for effortless chic to ethical brands, this is a space where lifestyle beliefs and personal style can co-exist.
At Antibad, we focus on fashion as something to love and last, not throw away after one wear. We are anti-bad quality and design, we’re anti-fast fashion. Instead, we source pieces you will love now, and wear for a long time to come. And, of course, our business model is based on full transparency - from ethical banking to carbon neutral shipping. We research where our products come from and we make sure that every item on our site is entirely sustainable, made in in a eco-friendly way, in a fair trade environment.

We detail the vital statistics of each item we sell in the Why It’s Good section. Our aim is to stock as many upcycled, vegan, artisan and waste free products as possible - and we always strive for more. Sustainable fashion is the future. Antibad are here now and we’re pioneering an approach to shopping that is ethical and desirable all at once. You can feel confident that the clothes you choose come with no consequences other than making you look - and feel - great. Photo by Kasia Bobula

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