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MEET...Swedish Stockings

MEET...Swedish Stockings MEET...Swedish Stockings

Nylon pantyhose’s used to be a garment of luxury, a great quality product that one would always repaire instead of replace.  Now in 2017, they have become the archetype of the disposable object.  Swedish Stockings’ founders Nadja Forsberg and Lynn Frisinger have given themselves the mission to change the not-so-great destiny of stockings and create their own eco-conscious, luxury and sustainable line.  Antibad met Lynn. 

Where did you grow up?

In Köping, a small town about one and a half hours away from Stockholm.


How and when was Swedish Stocking born?

It all started with a documentary called the Light Bulb Conspiracy where they brought up the fact that items are purposefully designed to age quickly in order to boost consumption in society.


What inspired you the most to create your brand?

Pantyhose were a true luxury item back in the 60s and have now become a real wear and tear clothing item. Pantyhose are a petroleum product and on top of that the production is very harmful for the environment.  This made us really eager to find a more sustainable solution.  We started researching and ended up with Swedish Stockings - pantyhose made from recycled yarn.


Hosiery is something we tend to see as disposable. How do you fight this perception?

With quality!  From the beginning our vision was to create a sustainable fashion product and bring back the luxurious feeling of pantyhose from the past.  We strongly believe that sustainability can be achieved along with great design and quality! – It’s important to highlight this in order to avoid the bad reputation stockings have developed.


Could you give some advice on how to make stockings long lasting?

The key factors I would say are choosing the correct size, scrunch them up, one leg at a time, only pulling from the bottom up, wear with care, making sure your nails are filed smooth and wash them every 5-6 wears and avoid fabric softeners.


Sweden is well known for being a leading country in terms of eco thinking and sustainability. What do you think your country’s position on the matter has taught you?

I guess it helped us dare to take the first steps, believe in our idea and that we could be a success.  Our company has been very well received in Sweden and the fact that we are Swedish also brings trust to the brand as we grow internationally!


How do you think we can change and give more value to garments and not waste so much?

Simplicity and easily accessible information is how you as an individual can make a change.  It can be small things! Eating organic and locally produced food, limiting the use of cars, recycling, being aware of quality since it is more sustainable in the long term.  We are also networking with other sustainable companies to raise the awareness and consumer patterns.


How do you perceive the future of your brand?

We doubt todays awareness will decrease and once you are aware it is unlikely you turn it off - we hope it’s a behavioural change.  Our mission is to change and influence the entire hosiery industry and grow internationally.


What do you think about the high street brands proposing eco lines now?

I think it is great! All initiatives are important.  For large companies it takes a long time to re-arrange their production, but they have to start somewhere.  We all have a role to contribute.


If you had a magic stick, what would you change with it?

The same rights and obligations for all.


What music do you listen to the most at the moment?

Right now Brenda Fassie, Vulindlela