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Drawstring Backpack

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A simple canvas satchel for daily essentials, the Drawstring Backpack is strong, sturdy, and well, very pretty. Featuring one interior and two exterior side pockets, a drawstring and flap closure with a metal snap, and two adjustable straps, this is a bag that can handle anything you choose to throw in it.

And the best part? Made from 100% recycled cotton canvas, you can sleep easy knowing the Drawstring Backpack wont put strain on the Earth’s natural resources. 

With studios in California and New York, BAGGU’s reusable bags set out to take the place of plastic carriers, reducing waste one plastic bag at a time. 

Bag measures 10.5” x 15” by 5”. Also available in Black, Shell, Washed Denim and Lilac.

Things you should know :-)
Care Instructions
dry-flat machine-wash-regular
Dry Flat Machine Wash Regular

Instead of using the tumble dryer, arrange on a flat surface on a towel and allow to air dry. Air drying avoids mis-shaping and also keeps wool from felting.

Machine wash on a regular cycle, we always suggest washing at 30 degrees with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, if you're in the UK we recommend Ecover

Why it's good
eco-friendly fair-trade recycled-upcycled vegan
Eco Friendly Fair Trade Recycled Upcycled Vegan

This product has been manufactured using processes that only cause minimal or no harm to the environment.

This product is from a brand that ensures fair wages have been paid to the workers and maintain high social and environmental standards.

A re-worked or new design made from dead-stock fabric or with fibres that have been recycled.

This item and it's manufacturing process exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals.